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The ‘Yellowjackets’ Showrunner Revealed How Jason Segel’s Advice Saved Them From The ‘Soul-Crushing’ Expectations For Season 2

While most fan-favorite, critically acclaimed shows seem to get better with every season, there are a few exceptions (sorry to The OC and Killing Eve). When a show becomes a hit, the pressure is on the writers to live up to the hype, which can sometimes make or break a show (see HBO’s short-lived Gossip Girl reboot).

The showrunners of Showtime’s dark hit Yellowjackets know that the is a lot riding on the upcoming season. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson described the high expectations for season two as “soul-crushing,” but they had some solid advice from actor and friend Jason Segel, who worked with the duo on the 2020 drama series Dispatches From Elsewhere.

Nickerson explained, “Before [Yellowjackets] premiered, Jason Segel told us, “Don’t worry! There are three or four shows that everyone talks about and loves. There are three or four shows that everyone talks about and f*cking hates. The other 595 fall right in the middle. Find a little audience and it’s fine.’” Nickerson added that they never thought the show would become such a massive hit. “We thought we’d be one of those, so this season feels different.”

The fact that many shows are being canceled left and right doesn’t help, though Showtime seems confident in the series, seeing as they already ordered a third season before season two drops later this month. But they are jumping headfirst into the next season of the culty drama. Lyle added, “We go right into season three. We’re starting the writers’ room in April. No break.” How could you even take a break when those poor girls are stuck in the 90s out there in the Canadian wilderness?!

Season two will bring back the key cast alongside some fun guest stars, including Elijah Wood! It seems like fans will enjoy it no matter what… as long as they love cults, murder, and cannibalism.

Yellowjackets season two will premiere on March 26th on Showtime.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)