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Ben Affleck’s Top 10 Celtics Of All-Time Is Just Kendrick Perkins Ten Times

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are aggressively promoting their upcoming Air movie about Michael Jordan’s courtship with Nike. Of course, that is a normal thing for the centerpieces of a movie to do but, given the subject matter, the promotional tour is also taking the stars to interesting, sports-related places. Affleck recently told Bill Walton about a time when he and Damon visited the home of Larry Bird in French Lick, Indiana, and he also revealed that Jordan had a specific opinion about who should play his mother in the upcoming film.

This week, Affleck spoke to another prominent basketball personality when he sat down with ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins. This time, Perkins teed up Affleck to dive into his beloved Celtics by asking for his top-10 Celtics of all-time — with Perk joking this list would be excluding himself. Affleck turned the tables by then insisting without Perk there is no list, as it’s just 10 Kendrick Perkins from the 2009-10 season.

Of course, Affleck handled this like the pro that he is, praising Perkins in a delightful way and showing off his Celtics bonafides by even referencing a specific season in which his fandom of Perkins seemed to grow. It also makes for perfect internet fodder in that Affleck gave a completely unserious answer and also avoided anything more specific. In short, it’s great stuff, and Perkins got to be praised by a movie star on the air, which clearly delighted the big fella.