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Stormy Daniels Had A Blunt Response To Whether She Was Afraid Of Trump Retaliation Amid A Possible Indictment

Possible Trump Indictment Day is upon us? Seems like that might be the case. Over the weekend, Donald Trump self-reported the news of his incoming arrest and indictment by the Manhattan D.A., although this could (if it happens) concern any number of his financial doings. There’s the belief out there that this involves Trump’s alleged payout to ex-lover Stormy Daniels, and Trump did ask his supporters to “protest” for him, should he do the perp walk.

That’s a call that Marjorie Taylor Greene has surprisingly urged MAGA die-hards not to heed, although Fox News host Jesse Watters felt free to hop on the panic train. How is Stormy Daniels doing, though?

Just fine, it seems. As federal lawyer Ron Filipkowski revealed in a screenshot posted to Twitter, a Trump supporter came for Stormy on Twitter. The now-deleted tweet read, “You should be ashamed of yourself! Donald Trump will be the next president, and oh will he come after you!!!”

And here’s Stormy’s response, which has most decidedly not been deleted: “Hopefully with his pants on this time”

Previously, Stormy also tweeted on a celebratory note after Trump branded her a “Horseface” while declaring that “the ‘Stormy’ nonsense” was “VERY OLD & happened a long time ago.” She then responded, “Thanks for just admitting that I was telling the truth about EVERYTHING.”

We’ll see how things go as Possible Indictment Day continues to unfold. (Possible RIP to the KFC plane.)