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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is MAGA-Melting Down Over How ‘Old And Disgusting’ Stormy Daniels Led To Trump’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Indictment

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently urged her fellow MAGA devotees to ignore Trump’s call for chaos in the event of his arrest. Now that the indictment has actually happened, however, she’s not exactly the portrait of calmness. True, she is not telling people to “fight like hell,” but she is rapid-fire freaking out on Twitter, which often leads to her stepping in it and pulling off geographically challenged stumbles.

No geography today, though. Instead, Greene is very upset with Stormy Daniels, who received the alleged payout that has led to the indictment. Daniels, of course, has been gregariously tweeting through the news and noting that she is enjoying “champagne” while thanking fans for their “support and love.” In response, Greene took the low road while declaring that Daniels must be doing this because she is “too old and disgusting to make money as a porn star now, so she’s grifting off her lies about Trump.”

An assortment of other Greene reactionary tweets (from her two accounts) includes a “MAGA” proclamation along with calling “bullsh*t” because “My President is innocent and the only one standing in the way of these modern day tyrants, just like our founding fathers did, to protect each of us from evil.” She was also delivering a Thursday night “Lincoln’s Day Address in Gettysburg” when she learned of the indictment. She finds the timing to be “profound.” This is a sampling of her total tantrum.

Also, did you hear? Greene and her fellow GOP colleagues declared Covid to be “OVER.” (Yet chances are that you know some people who are down for the count with Covid as we speak.)