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Mariah The Scientist Denied Coming For Yung Miami’s Acting On ‘BMF’

Yung Miami‘s role as Deanna Washington on Starz’s hit series BMF has everybody talking. In a recent episode, Deanna asks Demetrius Flenory (played by his real-life son, Demetrius Flenory Jr.) where her husband is, to later find out he has been murdered.

Before Deanna receives the news, she asks Demetrius, “Meech, where’s my husband?” The line has since become the subject of memes and internet jokes.

Yesterday (March 31), R&B singer Mariah The Scientist shared some words on Twitter, which some fans read as shade toward Miami’s acting.

“I feel like I could’ve said meech where is my husband,” said The Scientist.

Miami later caught wind of the tweet, which, it appears, she found confusing.

“I’m tryna figure out what this mean,” said Miami.

Fans immediately came to Miami’s defense, sending angry messages to The Scientist. The latter later took to Twitter to clarify that she was not trying to diss Miami’s acting.

“Stop trying to put words in my mouth,” she said in a Tweet, “I liked the role and the show.”

She continued, saying, “Y’all want me 2 be controversial so bad.”

The Scientist later went on Instagram live to clear the air, saying that she was not intending to start any beef.

“Why every time I tweet anything, off top, it’s a problem,” Mariah said. “It don’t matter what I say, period. I walk around all day long saying, ‘Meech, where’s my husband?’ All day, every day. I’m truly convinced y’all always gotta make some beef with me no matter what. One hundred percent. Why is that? I’m convinced y’all just don’t like me. I’m sorry to hear that.”