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George Santos Claims He Has DNA Proof That He Has Jewish Heritage, But He Says He Can’t Share It Just Yet

George Santos hasn’t made too many waves in the last couple months, not like he did late last year and early 2023, when a day wouldn’t go by without some new, wackadoodle tall tale he told being made public. (Last we heard from him he was getting mocked by Jordan Klepper to his face.) But don’t worry, he’s still got it.

As per The Daily Beast, the Jewish news outlet The Forward has a report on the Yiddish-language publication Moment Magazine, in which two reporters dropped in on New York representative’s office and scored a sit-down. They did so covertly, not telling Santos that they were reporters, assuming (probably rightly) that he wouldn’t talk to them if he knew.

During their chat, one subject inevitably came up: Santos’ bizarre claim that he was Jewish, which he later downgraded to “Jew-ish.” Santos still claims at least partial Jewish ancestry, and he has proof, sort of: He took four separate DNA tests to prove he wasn’t entirely lying. He didn’t have proof, claiming he was “just waiting for their returns.”

Despite that, Santos did reveal to the reporters the exact percentage of Jewish ancestry in his blood. He just asked them not to make it public.

Among the many, many, many half-truths, fabrications, and outright lies Santos was caught telling during his congressional campaign — all of them only discovered after he’d been elected — among the strangest was that he was telling donors that he was a “Latino Jew” and “halachically Jewish.” He also claimed that his maternal grandparents had fled anti-Jewish persecution first in Ukraine and then in Belgium. The Forward was the magazine that debunked that one, using genealogy sites to show that both grandparents were born in Brazil.

So we’ll have to wait and see if Santos can scientifically prove he’s a member of the tribe, if he ever actually makes public the results. And yet this line still has nothing on Santos falsely claiming his mother died on 9/11.

(Via The Daily Beast and The Forward)