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‘Succession’s Curveball Of A ‘Wedding’ Episode Had Viewers Feeling ‘Game Of Thrones’ Vibes All Over Again

SPOILERS from this week’s Succession will be found below.

Game of Thrones made TV history in 2013 with “The Rains of Castamere,” which (for obvious reasons) is more frequently referred to as the “Red Wedding” episode. For decades to come, comparisons are bound to be made, but I don’t think that anyone expected Succession to pull off its own “Red Wedding” counterpart so early in the fourth and final season. The Easter egg in the poster had a clue about Logan’s death, yes (and this actually aired on Easter), but again, no one could have foreseen the way that this week’s installment (which hit as hard as a full-on massacre) went down on Connor’s wedding day.

Speaking of which, the fact that this episode was literally called “Connor’s Wedding” also should have been a clue that perhaps this would be another devastating HBO celebration. Heck, House of the Dragon also managed to stir up similar vibes with the so-called “Green Wedding” feast last year. (It’s an HBO thing!) However, “Connor’s Wedding” had viewers like myself on a real ride, initially giggling over “Greglets” while also wishing that Logan would go to Hell, shortly before he was on his way to Hell, and all emotional hell broke loose. If Sarah Snook doesn’t win an Emmy for those shaking hands while her voice cracked, then fans will raise some hell.

For the moment, however, viewers are marveling at how they received a Red Wedding, and how HBO seems to hate weddings, and yep, it’s time to rate those devastating weddings.

HBO’s Succession airs on Sundays at 9:00pm EST.