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How To See Your Spotify Pie Chart

It’s been months since Spotify had its annual takeover of social media with Spotify Wrapped, a feature that allows listeners to share breakdowns of their most-played music. The most significant downside to Wrapped, though, is that it only comes once per year. So, a developer is now offering an unofficial solution to fill the void, and you can check it out right now.

How To See Your Spotify Pie Chart

As Metro notes, a California-based student named Darren Huang has unveiled Spotify Pie, which generates a pie chart based on the last month of a user’s Spotify listening activity.

Using it is pretty simple. Head to the Spotify Pie website (on mobile or desktop devices) and log in with your Spotify credentials. From there, the page will quickly populate a pie chart that breaks down your top genres. Hover over the slices (or, on a mobile device, tap) to see the top artists that fit into these genres. The genres can get pretty granular: My personal list included “edmonton indie” (Mac DeMarco), “seattle indie” (The Postal Service), and “dmv rap” (IDK).

Below the pie chart and its corresponding key is a list of the most-played artists, which the top picks presented in a larger font.

The site seems harmless, but as with any third-party application that accesses your data and login credentials, proceed with caution.

If that all sounds cool, check out Spotify Pie here.