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In A Twist Right Out Of ‘Succession,’ Rupert Murdoch’s Divorce Agreement With Jerry Hall Bars Her From Giving Story Ideas To… ‘Succession’

Last summer, Rupert Murdoch decided he was done being married to Jerry Hall, the model who was famously married to Mick Jagger before acquiring a taste for severely ancient media moguls. In an on-brand move, Murdoch told Hall via a surprise email where he let her know his New York lawyer would be in touch with her “immediately.”

Turns out, on top of hammering out the financial details of their split, Murdoch also wanted to make sure his soon-to-be ex-wife didn’t make a beeline to the writers of Succession and let them know all kinds of juicy stuff for the HBO series that’s loosely based on the Fox News owner.

Via Vanity Fair:

Hall and Murdoch finalized their divorce two months later. (One of the terms of the settlement was that Hall couldn’t give story ideas to the writers on Succession.) Hall told friends she had to move everything out of the Bel Air estate within 30 days and show receipts to prove items belonged to her. Security guards watched as her children helped her pack. When she settled into the Oxfordshire home she received in the divorce, she discovered surveillance cameras were still sending footage back to Fox headquarters. Mick Jagger sent his security consultant to disconnect them.

Of course, now, the obvious question is… would Logan Roy bug his ex-wife’s home? That just doesn’t seem like his style. Cheat on her and absolutely crush her in the divorce because winning is his drug of choice, oh sure. But bug her place? Nah.

Why use a camera when you can have Colin drive by every couple of days? That’s what he’s there for.

(Via Vanity Fair)