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Phoebe Bridgers Says She Feels A Special ‘Ownership’ Over The National Despite How ‘Hugely Popular’ They Are

The National are preparing for the release of their new album First Two Pages Of Frankenstein. So far, they’ve released singles “Tropic Morning News,” “Eucalyptus,” “New Order T-Shirt,” and “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend” featuring Phoebe Bridgers.

The Punisher performer discussed her singular appreciation for The National in a new interview with Uncut. “My friends and I have this joke about The National,” Bridgers said. “Obviously they’re hugely popular, but we still feel this ownership over them.”

“‘No, but you don’t like them in the right way! Do you even understand how profound this band is?’” she continued. “Because they are profoundly f*cking amazing.”

The National drummer Charlie Forbes discussed the collaboration with Bridgers in an interview with NME in January. “We thought the song had an American edge to it, and thought it would sound nice with a woman’s voice,” he said. “By chance, [Bridgers] was recording in the same studio as us, and one day we did a trade where Josh went and did some tambourine on her new track, and she came in and did the vocal line on our track — which you can’t actually hear at all.”

First Two Pages Of Frankenstein is out 4/28 via 4AD. Find more information here.