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‘I Hate Rats’: New York Mayor Eric Adams Attempts To Explain What, Exactly, His New ‘Rat Czar’ Will Do

Earlier this week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams unveiled his new “Rat Czar,” which naturally raised all kinds of questions including, but not limited to… “what the heck is a rat czar?” While appearing on CNN’s This Morning, Adams attempted to explain the title to Don Lemon, who was curious about the new position that was now being filled by former school teacher Kathleen Corradi.

Turns out, there was a large number of applicants to be Rat Czar, but as Adams revealed, it takes a very special person who was born for the task.

Via Mediaite:

“Imagine waking up and seeing a rat scurry across your floor or opening one of your kitchen cabinets and seeing a rat come out or even in your car,” Adams said. “Rodents impact on our health, our quality of life, and our mental psyche. You’ll think about that rat the entire day.”

According to Adams, the city received a “substantial number of applicants” for the position of waging war on city rats and the person they chose has apparently been battling the furry creatures since she was just a child.

When Adams announced Corradi as the city’s new Rat Czar, he called her rat’s “worst nightmare” thanks to her almost life-long commitment to killing rats. She really hates them, and yes, this does sound like the origin story for a Batman villain.

“This is an amazing young lady,” Adams said. “When she was 10 years old, she did a petition on her block to get rid of rodents.”

The lesson here: If you want your child to grow up to be Rat Czar of a major city, it’s never too early to start.

(Via Mediaite)