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Some Republicans Are Backing Off Their Bud Light Boycott, Probably After Realizing The Beer’s Parent Company Is A Major GOP Donor

Congrats, Republicans: It’s safe to drink Bud Light again. The nation’s best-selling beer has improbably come under fire by the rightwing, all because they dared team up with a trans TikTok influencer. Kid Rock recorded an angry video. So did Dan Crenshaw, whose contribution backfired hilariously. But it looks like the boycott is coming to an end, probably after someone realized Anheuser-Busch, the lager’s parent company, is a big GOP donor.

As per The Daily Beast, on Saturday the Twitter account for the National Republican Congressional Committee dropped a fundraising post that trashed the light beer.

“Thanks to Dylan Mulvaney, we can all finally admit that Bud Light tastes like water,” they tweeted. “With our new koozie’s, you can make sure no one confuses Bud Light with real beer ever again.”

Alas, the post was not long for this world. Shortly after going live, it was quietly deleted. Ditto the fundraising page, which went further detailed their animosity towards the beverage.

“‘This Beer Identifies as a Water’ Koozie Claim your LIMITED-EDITION Koozie!” the page once read. “Woke companies making you feel like drinking?” the fundraiser continued, using Bud Light’s iconic blue writing. “Then this limited-edition koozie is perfect for you! Just chip in $10 to CLAIM YOUR LIMITED-EDITION KOOZIE!”

No explanation has been given for the posts’ removal, but one GOP operative told The Daily Beast they had a sneaking suspicion about why. Anheuser-Busch isn’t some progressive company. Indeed, in 2022 alone they gave the NRCC $464,505.

“I assume they backtracked because they realized they were biting the hand that feeds them, and as soon as word gets around about that, why would anyone else give them big money in the future?” the operative speculated.

“Bud Light has some idiots in their marketing department who thought this was a good idea,” they continued. “The NRCC has some idiots in their marketing department that thought their response was a good idea. Maybe the ultimate lesson here is to stop letting the marketing geniuses make decisions and run things.”

Now that the NRCC has likely concluded that they like donations more than they hate trans people, perhaps others on the far right will fall in line. Heck, even Don Jr. thinks the boycott is dumb.

(Via The Daily Beast)