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Trump Went On A Bizarre Rant About ‘Gangs Of Hundreds’ Stealing Refrigerators From ‘Apartment Stores’

Republicans love to claim Joe Biden is “senile” or cognitively impaired. But — and hear us out on this one — what if it’s all projection? What if one of the biggest people calling out the current president’s alleged mental decline is himself suffering from something similar? We’re of course talking about Donald Trump.

At Friday’s annual National Rifle Association convention — held amidst a massive uptick in mass shootings, including at schools — Trump delivered one of his rambling, self-absorbed whine-fests. He blamed the gun epidemic on transgender people, of course. He made fun of Mike Pence, who got booed earlier. He again talked about the “n-word” (no, not that one).

He also at one point made a bizarre detour into something about “hundreds” of people stealing refrigerators from “apartment stores.”

“When you see these gangs of hundreds of young, usually young people go and attack an apartment store, a department store in San Francisco and Los Angeles and Chicago,” a former U.S. president told the crowd. “And they run in by the hundreds and they’re running out carrying refrigerators, and carrying air conditioners, big stuff, big, little everything. Fur coats, non-fur coats, everything they’re carrying. They empty out the stores.”

As is often the case with Trump’s addresses, it’s not clear what he’s talking about. He has a habit of parroting half-remembered information someone may have told him a few days prior. Did someone tell him people are running around with giant refrigerators on their backs? Who knows!

Whatever the case, a lot of people called bull.

Then again, maybe all the people mocking Trump’s weird broken brain are simply forgetting about that “difficult” cognitive test he took a few years ago, which he couldn’t stop bragging about passing.

(Via HuffPost)