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The Reviews Are In: Everyone Loves NoHo Hank’s Festive New Look On ‘Barry’

There were a number of things you could have been doing this past Sunday night. Succession, as per usual, dominated the conversation, while Netflix tried (and failed) to bring its Love Is Blind reunion live to viewers at home, and suddenly you were faced to confront the fact that a lot more people watch that show than you had thought. But the real peak TV event of the night was actually the season four premiere of Barry, as any seasoned television connoisseur will no doubt tell you. And with that came the return of cultural icon Noho Hank.

Since the end of season three, Hank and Cristobal have been doing their best to live off the land in the middle of the desert, which is hard when there is a sand shortage. Art does imitate life sometimes. The duo toy with the idea of smuggling in some sand with a new business deal, but the conversation doesn’t really matter as much as Noho Hank’s flawless outfit. Just look at this man, who has never done anything wrong in his life before. For the most part.

noho hank

His Coachella-ready outfit did not go unnoticed by fans, who have collectively decided that he should get his own spinoff show. Anthony Carrigan, NoHo Hank’s real-life counterpart, understands the appeal of his character, as he recently told The New York Times. “He’s a lovable scorpion. He doesn’t want to sting anyone, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But that’s just his nature,” Carrigan said, adding. “I’m playing the bad guy, but making him likable, making him winning.” Even if he isn’t winning, Hank sure has a bright future as an Instagram influencer:

Isn’t this much better than the boring plain baseball cap that a certain fighting family seem to love so much??

Barry airs Sundays at 10 pm on HBO.