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‘The Daily Show’ Spliced Together The Tucker Carlson ‘Apology’ That Will Never Materialize On Fox News

Fox News became the subject of more headlines earlier this week with word that the conservative news network settled with Dominion Voting Systems for a whopping $787 million, which will prevent talking heads and Big Lie-propagators Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson from having to take the stand. This caused great amusement for Jake Tapper, although it appears that an on-air apology is not part of the deal.

Rather, Tucker Carlson will simply continue conducting his masculinity-obsessed segments with out ever expressing remorse (fake or not) for lying to Fox News viewers. The Daily Show, guest-hosted this week by Jordan Klepper, feels that the general public does “deserve” an apology, so they did the legwork to kind-of make it happen. Using sliced-and-diced words from the Swanson heir himself, Klepper was proud to present (in the first few minutes of the above clip) this assortment of words:

“Donald Trump lost the election…. And no, we didn’t tell you, because we don’t care what you think… We we were wrong. We are completely irresponsible, and we’re sorry, America… I’m sorry for repeating something that’s not true… I’m gonna go take a quick break and go cry in a closet while squeezing a stuffed animal.”

As well, Klepper reminded everyone that this is not a victimless affair. He will, after all, be dealing with the brainwashed MAGAs “at Trump rallies every four years for the rest of my life.” Godspeed, Jordan Klepper.