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‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Richard Madden Has ‘Fond Memories’ Of The Red Wedding, Besides… Y’Know

It’s the unexpected death episode that all other unexpected death episodes are now compared to (especially if they’re on HBO).

Ten years ago this June, the Lannisters sent their regards in the Game of Thrones episode “The Rains of Castamere,” colloquially known as “The Red Wedding.” While promoting his new show, Citadel, Robb Stark actor Richard Madden was asked to reflect on the season three shocker.

“I still have fond memories of that whole experience,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, not that particular scene, but the whole experience I have fond memories of. It’s nice to be back into recurring series drama where you get so much time to tell a story, and the you get these huge payoffs like [the Red Wedding.] Three seasons deep, we got to have this horrible death with characters that you’re invested in. I think that’s our ambition [with Citadel] too, to create a huge world and get to know these people well.”

If any of your friends are getting married on the 10-year anniversary of the Red Wedding, you, uh, might want to say you’re busy that weekend.

Citadel, which also stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Stanley Tucci, and Lesley Manville, premieres on Amazon Prime Video on April 28th.

(Via Screenrant)