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Mike Lindell Held A Contest To ‘Prove Mike Wrong’ — Someone Did, And Now He Owes Them Millions Of Dollars

In 2021, Mike Lindell offered $5 million to anyone who could disprove his claims that the 2020 election was rigged. He named the contest “Prove Mike Wrong.” Oops! Someone did, and now the Pillow Man owes them.

A private arbitration panel ruled on Wednesday that 63-year-old Robert Zeidman, a computer forensics expert from Nevada, is entitled to the multi-million payout. “Zeidman had examined Lindell’s data and concluded that it not only did not prove voter fraud, it had no connection to the 2020 election. He was the only expert who submitted a claim, arbitration records show,” according to the Washington Post. Lindell, who loves to lose money, initially refused to pay Zeidman. That’s when the arbitrators stepped in.

“Mr. Zeidman performed under the contract,” the arbitration panel wrote in its decision. “He proved the data Lindell LLC provided, and represented reflected information from the November 2020 election, unequivocally did not reflect November 2020 election data. Failure to pay Mr. Zeidman the $5 million prized was a breach of the contract, entitling him to recover.”

Zeidman is “really happy” with the decision. “They clearly saw this as I did — that the data we were given at the symposium was not at all what Mr. Lindell said it was. The truth is finally out there,” he said. As for the very normal Pillow Man, he told the Post, “They made a terribly wrong decision! This will be going to court!” If this ends with the Supreme Court telling Lindell that he was indeed proven wrong, it will be a good use of everyone’s time.

(Via the Washington Post)