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‘The Daily Show’ Guest Host Desi Lydic Took A Swing At How Fox News ‘Cut Off Their Own D*ck’ With Tucker Carlson’s Exit

Tucker Carlson may have buried himself in Swanson money last night because he’s been pretty quiet after parting ways with Fox News. Still, that doesn’t prevent anyone else from discussing this shocking turn of events for cable news. The conservative network didn’t spare many seconds to summarily dismiss the subject while Brian Kilmeade punched in on Tucker’s old time slot, but other nighttime hosts had a field day.

The Daily Show was happy to pick up the subject with guest host Desi Lydic — who has served up rabid parody rants aimed at Fox News over the years — swinging in on a wild news day. Obviously, Desi wasn’t about to hold back on the irony of the non-gender-affirming Fox News deciding to “just cut off their own dick.” That wink was a nice touch.

Desi also addressed Tucker’s chronic wallpaper face by pointing out that, finally, the “stupid look” had a time and place to be appropriate. As well, Desi paid tribute to the “17 years of New Year’s Eve blackouts” contributed by Don Lemon at CNN before he lost his gig, too. And then Desi pretended to swiftly get fired as well and pack up her “giant fish” because, sure, why not, but hey, not so fast. Desi Lydic will guest-host The Daily Show all week long.

You can watch the full applicable The Daily Show segment below, and the Tucker part begins after 3:00.