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John Mulaney Addressed The Rumors About Him And Pete Davidson Allegedly Doing Drugs Together

After making headlines with his trip to rehab followed by a tabloid-ready relationship with Olivia Munn (and a new baby), John Mulaney is back with a new Netflix special, Baby J, where the comedian gets surprisingly candid about the past few years of his life.

As Mulaney explains it, at the height of his addiction, his friends had to sit him down for what he jokingly describes as a “star-studded intervention.” Fortunately, the effort worked, and the former Saturday Night Live writer checked himself into rehab. However, one of his closest friends, Pete Davidson, couldn’t attend the intervention, which led to a funny moment when Kim Kardashian’s former lover attempted to call Mulaney in rehab.

Mulaney had Davidson listed in his phone as “Al Pacino,” which led to a nurse frantically waking the comedian in the middle of the night thinking he had missed five calls from the real Pacino. While that bit killed, Mulaney wanted to make sure to set the record straight about his old pal after hearing some not cool rumors.

“Some people suggested he and I did drugs together because he has tattoos and I am plain,” Mulaney told the audience via USA Today. “I’ve never done drugs with Pete. He’s always been very supportive of my sobriety.”

John Mulaney: Baby J is available for streaming on Netflix.

(Via USA Today)