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John Mulaney Said The First Call He Got In Rehab Was From Pete Davidson, Whose Number Was Saved As ‘Al Pacino’

John Mulaney recently got real about his time in rehab in his new Netflix special Baby J, where he revealed his struggles with drugs sandwiched in between some of his signature jokes.

In one segment of his new special, Mulaney revealed that his pal and fellow comedian Pete Davidson had called him as soon as he heard that he was in rehab. Though due to Davidson’s fame and maybe some whirlwind relationships, Pete changes his number regularly, and Mulaney revealed that he would save his friend’s number as various A-listers, which is why he awoke to see he had five missed calls from Al Pacino while in his first night at rehab. Maybe he thought that he was being cast in The Godfather Part 4.

Unfortunately for Mulaney, it wasn’t Al Pacino, but instead, it was Davidson calling to check up on his friend. “Some people suggested he and I did drugs together because he has tattoos and I am plain,” Mulaney joked (he’s a comedian after all.) He added, “I’ve never done drugs with Pete. He’s always been very supportive of my sobriety.”

Even though Pacino never called Mulaney (that we know of) the comedian seemed to be in a good place in his new stand-up show, which dropped on Netflix last week.

Next up, he has a guest spot on Davidson’s new series Bupkis, in addition to the new seasons of Big Mouth. Maybe he’ll stop by Saturday Night Live to support Davidson’s first-time hosting. Unless Al Pacino is free and wants to hang out.

(Via USA Today)