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Watch Trump Grump And Groan Like A Constipated Toddler Trying To Fill A Diaper As He Does His Awful (And Predictably Tasteless) Impression Of Lady Weightlifter

Sensing that transphobia is in the air following the conservative freakout over Bud Light, which Donald Trump conveniently abstained from participating in because he owns stock in Anheuser-Busch, the former president pulled out his female weightlifter impression during a recent campaign stop in New Hampshire.

During his stump speech, Trump vowed to keep transgender women out of women’s sports, which prompted him to do a recurring bit about watching a female cisgender weightlifter fail to set a world record. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that the former president is not a comedy master when it comes to impressions, so he mostly just stood at the podium grunting and holding his hands up like a weirdo. You can watch below:

Via Mediaite:

“She got over the barbell,” he said. “They put like a little tiny ounce on one side, an ounce on the other. This thing was– if you beat it by an ounce, you have the world record. And she got up there. Should I do it?”

The crowd hooted and hollered.

“I’m gonna do it!” he exclaimed.

Trump lowered his hands and brought them up like a weightlifter.

“Arghhhh!” he grunted. “She couldn’t do it.”

Following the “impression,” Trump returned to throwing red meat to the crowd by reiterating his plan to ban transgender athletes from women’s sports if he’s re-elected in 2024.

(Via Mediaite)