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New ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Footage Reveals That The Maggie And Negan Truce Definitely Isn’t Happening

Fear The Walking Dead will return on Mother’s Day (oh, the timing) for an eighth and final season, and after that wildly oscillating show takes the last of its bizarre turns, the dream team of Negan and Maggie will return for The Walking Dead: Dead City spinoff.

Actually, the team is not such a dream, at least at the beginning. Goodbye to the tenuous truce worked at the end of the principal series because Maggie will never forget who bashed her husband’s brains out with a baseball bat. Because of Negan, Hershel Rhees is growing up without a father, and that’s where a new batch of footage (which you can watch at Entertainment Weekly) begins, with Maggie coming at Negan in her giant truck and then threatening his neck with her knife. However, she needs assistance finding said son.

Somewhere along the way, Negan ends up tagging along as Maggie heads over to New York City via a speedboat. Stranger things have happened throughout the franchise, but this still cannot possibly top Daryl in Paris.

Still, showrunner Eli Jorne has not only promised to reveal the most “awesome, disgusting, terrifying walkers” in franchise history but also more layers of the Negan and Maggie dynamic. I hope she gives him hell the whole time, though. He deserves it and, in fact, expects as much.

The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres on June 18.