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Kansas City Chiefs Fans Enjoyed Solving A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle Way More Than Philadelphia Eagles Fans

It was originally reported that 113.06 million people tuned in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl LVII. This week, that number was revised to 115.1 million, making it the most-watched telecast ever. As if one reminder of losing “The Big Game” wasn’t enough, Eagles fans watching Wheel of Fortune also had to sit through a painful puzzle.

The category was “Headlines” during Wednesday’s episode of the game show. The puzzle was six words long and ended with an exclamation mark. The contestants quickly filled in the blanks, and contestant Jeremy, after landing on a wild card spot and picking up a trip to Switzerland, solved the puzzle. “Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl!” it read. They sure did.

“It was in all the papers. I think they even televised it this year,” host Pat Sajak cracked (it’s a better joke than the prank he plays on his wife).

With the winning answer, it meant that contestant Jeremy bagged nearly $15,000 in cash as well as a vacation in Switzerland. By the end of the episode, Jeremy had racked up nearly $50,000 to be the clear winner.

Chiefs fans also felt like winners all over again because of Wheel of Fortune. Eagles fans, who are famously chill and don’t hold grudges, less so.

(Via Newsweek)