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‘Succession’ Viewers Are Wondering If Shiv Has Any Plan To Announce The Baby That We All Know She’s Having

A few weeks ago, Succession viewers learned that Shiv is pregnant, presumably with Tom’s child. This, of course, was only revealed a few days on the show’s timeline, but still, people are starting to raise their eyebrows on whether she will ever disclose that she is with child. Given that she’s already had an amniocentesis, she’s likely passed the 16 week mark, and the clock is ticking. So, one would presume that she doesn’t plan on having an abortion, but still, will she ever tell Tom the news?

Given their massive fight at the end of this week’s “Tailgate Party,” yeah, you gotta wonder if Tom’s barbs are hitting harder than they would if she wasn’t pregnant. She’s also been playing both sides with Matsson vs. her brothers, which isn’t working out all that well, given that Ebba revealed that he’s not even a real coder, and his numbers are sketchy.

As our own Brian Grubb pointed out in his weekly report card, Shiv is not doing well. She essentially has no job, and she’s pregnant and apparently still in the middle of a divorce, too. Add that to the fact that she had that blowout with Tom, who expressed relief at how they’d never had a child together, and wow, I’m actually feeling sorry for Shiv!

On Twitter, viewers are wondering if she’ll ever spill the news and/or how brutal it must have felt to hear Tom utter those words.

HBO’s Succession airs on Sundays at 9:00pm EST.