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The Most Shocking ‘Succession’ Episode Of The Season (According To Creator Jesse Armstrong) Is Coming Up

Ahead of the season four premiere, Succession creator Jesse Armstrong was asked if there’s an episode that he thinks fans will be shocked by, outside of the movie-length series finale. “What will they be shocked by?” he replied, considering the question from the Hollywood Reporter. “Maybe episode eight.”

Guess what? This Sunday is episode eight.

The episode, “America Decides,” is written by Armstrong and takes place on Election Day. “Every vote must be counted. This is about the future of the country,” Shiv says in the episode promo, to which Roman replies, “False flag.” When Shiv fires back, “You can’t just say ‘false flag’ every time you don’t f*cking agree with something,” Roy repeats “false flag” over and over again. That’s the classic Roy rapport we’ve grown to love.

Unless Armstrong’s tease is a false flag, it must be something big to be more shocking than Logan’s death in episode three. Unless…


Did someone say President Connor and First Lady Willa? That would be a shocker. The most overlooked of Logan’s kids becoming the most powerful person in the country. The Conheads are gonna love this (if it happens). Following “America Decides,” there are two more episodes of Succession, with the series finale, titled “With Open Eyes, airing on May 28.