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Well Well Well, The Feds Have Finally Hit Serial Fabulist George Santos With Criminal Charges (But For Which Of His Many Alleged Antics?)

After earning notoriety as a fabulist who seemed to have lied his way into Congress, it didn’t take long for George Santos to attract the attention of federal investigators. What did take long was for them to formally charge him with something. But on Tuesday, some six months after reporters unearthed sketchy behavior, they finally did.

As per CNN, federal prosecutors ordered Santos, currently running for re-election for the New York City House seat he lied his way into nabbing, to appear before a federal court to be formally read criminal charges being brought against him.

Thing is, it’s not yet clear which of his alleged antics has gotten him busted. Is it over his messy campaign finances? Is it over donations he allegedly received from people who don’t even exist? The accusation of sexual misconduct? Him allegedly swindling money from a charity for a dying dog (that then died)?

Prosecutors probably won’t file charges over his many, many bizarre mini-lies, such as that his mom died in the September 11 attacks (she wasn’t even in New York on that day) or that he was a college volleyball star (he wasn’t).

Santos — and the world — will find out what he’s been charged with Wednesday, when he becomes the latest prominent Republican to appear in a New York federal courtroom over criminal charges. He’ll probably do what he does when faced with shocking and/or bizarre allegations: ignore or spin them, turning instead to that re-election campaign that wasn’t doing so hot even before he was formally treated like a crook.

(Via CNN)