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Mike Greenberg Spent Tuesday Morning Offering Up Takes That Disgusted The ‘Get Up!’ Set

When you spend hours and hours talking on television every day, you are inevitably going to say things that are wrong or dumb or both. It’s just part of the job and why I usually just try to shrug off wild takes as part of the game, because I know that if I were asked to talk non-stop for three hours I would do the same.

However, Tuesday morning was an absolute tour de force from Mike Greenberg, who would not stop saying things that had the rest of the Get Up! panel looking at him like he had three heads. The one that went viral was him talking about how the weather in Miami was partially to blame for the Knicks’ struggles, citing the physical heat (as opposed to the team, the Heat) as sapping their energy and wondering if that was the cause of their lethargic play.

This is a man grasping for something to explain why the Knicks have been as bad as they have been, which I can at least understand — and he keeps citing Jalen Rose as the source of this theory, which, I have a feeling something got lost in translation there. It is very funny watching the rest of the desk watch him fire off this weather theory, but this is mostly run of the mill weird sports television takesmithing.

What took Greenberg’s Tuesday run over the top was his suggestion at the 12-minute mark of the video at the top of this post, where he offers up a suggestion so terrible that the rest of the desk facepalms and laughs at how bad it is.

“That said, I’m gonna say something and duck. I don’t think I even bring LeBron and AD with me to San Francisco to be completely honest with you.”

The groans from the rest of the desk, with Alan Hahn putting his head in his hands and Tim Legler just laughing out loud is truly incredible. Greenberg says he’s being “somewhat facetious,” to which Legler responds “hopefully mostly facetious” while Hahn laughs at how bad an idea this is. Greeny then walks it back to pulling LeBron and Anthony Davis in the second quarter if they’re down, which Legler rightfully blasts noting you can’t just give this Warriors team a win and assume you’re going to take Game 6 back in L.A.

It really takes an incredibly bad take to garner this kind of response from the rest of a morning sports talk show panel, but kudos to Greeny for absolutely letting it rip and providing us with some morning comedy on Tuesday.