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Ted Cruz’s Thermostat Complaint Isn’t Earning Him Any New Fans And Has Inspired A New Crop Of Cancun Quips

Ted Cruz will never live down his choice to jet to sun-soaked Cancun in 2021 amid a fatal ice storm in Texas. He also left his dog at home, which added to the drama a few years ago, and in the aftermath, every time Ted gets weaselly with his own attempt to make light of the situation, no one will let him live down how he left his freezing constituents behind to enjoy the beach.

So, nearly every time Ted mentions something even semi-related, a flurry of Cancun reminders greet him, and his latest climate-related declaration is no exception. Here, Ted posted a photo of a thermostat as tweeted by Eli Higgins, a reporter who is based in Wichita, Kansas. Higgins noted the government recommendation to set thermostats at 82 and 85, during the nighttime and while out of the home, respectively. Ted’s response? “[H]ell no.”

Naturally, the Cancun quips were ready and waiting for Ted. As well, people had plenty of reminders that the Texas power grid cannot handle extreme temperatures of any type, whether that’s summer or winter. It doesn’t appear that ERCOT is ever going to have an easy time unless Texas decides, at some point, to not be isolated from the rest of the U.S. when it comes to the power grid. So, even though Ted is referencing reporting from Kansas, Texas could stand to take some tips from the recommendation.

Meanwhile, Cancun is sitting at 87 degrees as we speak. Just in case Ted was wondering.