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Daft Punk Have Hidden Mysterious Coordinates Across Spotify For Some Sort Of Scavenger Hunt

Daft Punk might have disbanded, but the memories haven’t: Random Access Memories, that is. The album is celebrating its tenth anniversary this week — and fans have discovered an interesting way that the band is honoring the era.

By selecting certain songs from the album, some display a new message on the Spotify visualizer that reads “May 11, 10 a.m.” and displays varied coordinates. While it’s still unclear what the scavenger hunt is for, Daft Punk is inviting their listeners to try and crack the puzzle. The current locations include spots in New York City, Paris, Toyko, Santa Monica, London, Buenos Aires, and more.

A Daft Punk fan account on Twitter gathered the full list of coordinate locations. They also pointed out that on May 12, Daft Punk are dropping an anniversary edition of the album, so this is seemingly tied to that.

The scavenger hunt is also done through Snapchat, according to a statement the user found. It instructs fans to go to the location in their city at 10 a.m. local time, open the Snapchat camera, launch the “Daft Punk” special lens filter, and then “engage with the specially designed experience.”

This could also possibly include some sort of AR aspect or a chance to hear some of the updates for the anniversary edition — but only tomorrow will tell.