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Mike Lindell Is Begging People To Buy MyPillow Stock Because He Spent Way Too Much Money Trying To Overturn The Election

The 2020 election happened almost two years ago, and Mike Lindell still hasn’t gotten over it. The MyPillow guy has devoted a lot of his time — and a lot of his fortune — to spluttering and failed attempts to prove the existence of fraud big enough to cost Donald Trump a second stint in the White House. He’s spent so much dough that he’s gotten desperate: He’s begging people to buy stock in his bedwear company.

Lindell spoke with a reporter for the far right network RSBN during an event, during which he made a thrilling announcement. “For the next couple weeks — could be for two to four weeks — we’re offering stock to the public. This is going to be amazing,” he crowed. “I want every person out there to have a little piece of the pie.”

Lindell then blurted out a reason for wanting people to buy MyPillow stock. “I spent over $40 million, and I need help,” he said. “We need help making our voice bigger. I can’t tell the details. The lawyer says, ‘I will only let you tell this much.’”

Adding insult to injury, Lindell was recently ordered to fork over $5 million to software developer Robert Zeidma, who entered a contest in which Lindell promised that amount if they could prove his election data claims were wrong. Zeidma did just that. He also recently claimed MyPillow is not going broke.

(Via Raw Story)