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Blxst Is Bringing His West Coast Flavor To The ‘NBA 2K23’ Season 7 Soundtrack

Along with its annual updates, expansive play modes, and increasingly realistic graphics, the NBA 2K franchise is best known for its soundtracks, which highlight both rising stars and top talent with its in-game menus and gameplay background tunes. The newest update for the current edition, NBA 2K23, has taken things a step further, bringing in talented West Coast artist Blxst and his label, Evgle, to curate the season 7 soundtrack.

In addition to a pair of tracks from Blxst’s March EP Just For Clarity 2 — “Passionate” featuring Roddy Ricch and “Keep Calling” featuring Larry June — the new soundtrack also includes a number of tracks featuring Blxst, such as Babyface Ray’s 2022 single “Spend It,” and showcases label member Jay Millian with his new single “Baby.”

“IDC” by Jordan Ward and “Progress” by Westside Webb put the spotlight on more rising artists, while the last two tracks are big-name standouts: Benny the Butcher‘s 2020 track “Trade It All” and “Stop Breathing” from Roddy Ricch’s latest project, Feed The Streets III.

In a press release, Blxst said, “I’m excited to have Evgle included on the NBA 2K23 soundtrack simply because it’s a childhood dream. I can speak for most of us in saying that we grew up playing this game. So, to be a part of this is mind-blowing and it’s crazy how music bridges the gap. These songs were hand-picked by me and the Evgle team because this is what we like to listen to get inspired. I like to look at myself as a tastemaker and each artist on this playlist is a different ingredient to the soundtrack of my lifestyle right now.”

After premiering in the game this Friday, May 19, and remaining game exclusive through the weekend, the soundtrack will hit DSPs on Tuesday, May 23 along with Millian’s single.