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Ice Spice Apparently Replied To Fan Who Slid Into Her DMs With An Epic Roast

Social media has put fans into direct contact with their favorite stars but there’s a downside to that for both sides. While entertainers sometimes have to deal with bullies, trolls, and the occasional thirst bucket, fans are subject to stan army backlashes, being called out on the timeline, or even, in some cases, being directly insulted by their faves — which one fan seemingly learned the hard way when he tried to slide into Ice Spice‘s DMs.

“Hey mamas,” he wrote, which… is a horrible opener, kid. Sorry, not sorry. If you’re going to pull up from 40 feet like this, your form better be perfect. This is just a half-court heave. It’s no surprise that Ice didn’t hold back with her critical response (assuming that the post was real in the first place). “Small ass dreads and no Nike tech,” she wrote back. Ouch. The DMer showed his friends, who put him on blast via social media — and you just know whatever damage she did was nothing compared to how badly they cooked him for the rest of the day.

The so-called “Princess Diana” of rap is getting used to the attention after being one of hip-hop’s hottest names since her hit single “Munch” basically took over the internet last summer. It’s no secret that her looks have been a part of her success, prompting one fan to take out a billboard inviting her to their graduation party and sparking rumors of half-million-dollar dates with NBA stars. And in this era of doing anything for social media clout (shout-out to Cardi and ‘Set!), there’s no doubt the shenanigans are just getting started.