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Ukraine Used Busta Rhymes Lyrics To Troll Russia On Twitter Because This Is What War Looks Like Now

In a truly wild twist this week, it turns out that Ukraine’s social media manager for their Defense account is a huge Busta Rhymes fan. The new update gave people a breakdown of how they’re handling the Russians in their ongoing war — taking down three new tanks, twelve armored combat vehicles, thirteen artillery, and 520 more “eliminated personnel.”

“‘Woo-hah, got you all in check!’ -Busta Rhymes,” the post read. “Total combat losses of the enemy from February 24, 2022, to May 16, 2023.”

While the majority of those in the replies were others from Ukraine following the updates, some scattered fans tagged Busta to get his attention for the reference to his 1996 song, also called “Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check.” It was also the rapper’s debut solo single, which could possibly add to why the country chose that reference… Like, there’s more defense to come, or something?

Others pointed out that it was also interestingly timed. “Should have waited a few more days for @BustaRhymes birthday,” another user wrote.

Upon a deeper dive, the account usually accompanies their updates with some sort of pop culture quote. They’ve recently included everything from How I Met Your Mother‘s “Legendary” line to Babe Ruth. There’s even one of “Now I have a machine gun ho-ho-ho” from Die Hard.

Check out Ukraine’s Busta-themed post above.