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Jimmy Butler And Grant Williams Went Face-To-Face After A Bucket In Game 2

Things get heated when the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat play high-stakes basketball games against one another, which has become a common occurrence in recent years with their frequent postseason matchups. In the fourth quarter of a tense Game 2 in the Eastern Conference Finals, we saw a pair of players go face-to-face and have to be separated.

Grant Williams found himself checking Jimmy Butler, which has been a pretty difficult assignment this postseason for, well, everyone. Despite Williams’ best effort, Butler was able to bulldoze his way into the paint, navigate his way around, and get a bucket while drawing a foul. The two immediately got in one another’s faces and started jawing, and even after they were pulled apart, the two continued to exchange pleasantries.

Because this is Jimmy Butler we’re talking about here, not long after, he decided to go at Williams again by burrowing into the paint, rising up, and finishing through contact. After he got the bucket, there was only one thing Butler could do: bust out a too small gesture.

Our hunch is that, as long as this series goes on, members of the Celtics and Butler are going to have moments like this with one another.