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Noted Funny Man Ted Cruz Tried To Make A Joke About His Cancun Debacle Again, And Social Media Wasn’t Having It

It’s been two years since Ted Cruz abandoned his freezing constituents for a sunny trip to Cancún. It might be the most notable thing he’s has ever done. Any time the Texas senator does anything that might even faintly prompt a Cancún joke, social media takes the bait. Every now and then he makes a joke about it, in an attempt to show he has a sense of humor. It rarely goes well, as witness his latest attempt.

On Friday, Cruz took to Twitter to post a picture of him in Midland, Texas. There he happened upon a restaurant called Cancun Grill. Har har. So he had a picture taken of him standing next to the neon sign, a big smile on his face, once again trying to prove he’s a good sport about that time he fled his state during a freak winter storm, raced back after massive backlash, then blamed it all on his daughters.

Cruz is not known for his sense of humor and this latest volley at joke-making did not go over well.

Just as a reminder, the event that Cruz is joking about happened in mid-to-late February of 2021, when a severe winter storm led to the worst energy infrastructure collapse in Texas history. There were statewide power outages. Nearly 250 people died, though some estimates go as high as 700. While his constituents froze and/or lacked drinking water, Cruz was spotted at an airport bound for the Mexican vacation spot. The backlash was severe, but it didn’t stop him from continuing to behave like Ted Cruz.