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Noted ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ Opponent Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Defending Her Boyfriend Against The ‘Morons’ Who Shared An Old Video Of Him In Drag

60 Minutes received intense backlash earlier this year after handing Marjorie Taylor Greene a platform for her anti-trans agenda, which is one of her most frequently articulated stances of late. That is, other than her quest to seemingly impeach every Democrat and abolish porn websites. Her anti-trans sentiment is an old favorite, though, and Greene frequently rages against what she calls the “Trans agenda destroying women.”

Notably, however, Greene’s far-right producer boyfriend, Brian Glenn, is the subject of a video that’s been circulating on Twitter. The Patriot Takes Twitter account shared an old clip from his WFAA newscaster days in Dallas. In the clip, Glenn jokes about how the pantyhose “does feel kind of good actually.”

What was Greene’s response? That Glenn was “reporting on an upcoming local theatre production and the morons over at Patriot Takes think this is an attack…. The left is so stupid.”

She seems fine with drag as a “joke,” apparently, but Greene sure won’t tolerate the attire when her boyfriend isn’t involved. The Patriot Takes Twitter account has posted various clips about her blaming “drag queen story time” for corrupting the children (and much worse).

Yet it’s fine with Greene that her boyfriend did the drag routine back in the day for fun on local news. Naturally, the tweets flowed in to call out her hypocrisy.