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When Does ‘Love Island’ Season 10 Come Out?

Love Island UK series 9’s Kai and Sanam are just a few months removed from taking the crown from that series, but Love Island UK fans will soon have another batch of islanders to root for (or not) now that ITV has announced the official date for series 10. As previously reported, Love Island UK series will premiere on June 5th giving folks just under two weeks to get their ducks in a row for what will amount to two months of daily episodes.

When Does ‘Love Island’ Season 10 Come Out?

The news was shared in an Instagram post from the Love Island UK page and a press release from them and ITV also revealed extensive protocols for the yet-to-be-revealed cast. They include “suspending social media, training in language and behaviour, and ongoing support before, during and after filming.” The reason for the suspended social media pages, a decision that was put in place for series 9, was to “ensure that both the Islanders and their families are protected from the adverse effects of social media” as a result of the islanders’ appearance on the show.

You can view the announcement on the Love Island UK Instagram page above.

‘Love Island’ series 10 premieres on the ITV2 channel on June 5th at 9pm GMT/4pm EST/1pm PST.