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When Will ‘You Hurt My Feelings’ Be On Streaming?

In You Hurt My Feelings, Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Beth, a writer struggling to get her next novel sold. After she overhears her therapist husband admitting that he didn’t think her latest book was good, she then spirals and begins to question not only her relationship with her husband but her own self-worth. So if you are a writer with a chronic case of imposter syndrome, this one’s for you!

You Hurt My Feelings is an A24 production and, as of right now, it doesn’t have a streaming date yet, so you can only see it in theaters. But based on past A24 movies like 2022’s Aftersun, it’s likely that You Hurt My Feelings will be available to buy or rent on demand sometime in late July, about 45 days after its initial release. While there is no confirmed streamer at this time, previous A24 releases have ended up on Apple TV, so hopefully there will be a deal in place. It seems unlikely that it will land on Max or Netflix, but hey, you never know. These things can also change (look at Everything Everywhere All At Once, for example).

The movie is the latest collaboration between Louis-Dreyfus and Nicole Holofcener, who worked together on 2013’s Enough Said, alongside James Gandolfini (his last movie before he passed away in June of that year). Louis-Dreyfus said she had been begging to reunite with Holofcener, and hopes to work together again soon.

“It was hard because we had opportunities to work together, but they didn’t work out schedule-wise because of my schedule and her schedule before,” the actress told UPROXX. “But now, moving forward, I’m very hopeful that we can find a way to do something again and lickety-split. I mean, I’m definitely badgering her about it.” Maybe Holofcener can reunite two of her leading ladies, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jennifer Aniston for a dramedy surrounding late-90s sitcom casts. They have first-hand experience.