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Which ‘Love Island UK’ Couples Are Still Together From Season 9?

In a few days, Love Island UK fans will be officially introduced to a new cast of islanders for the start of the show’s 10th series. That cast was revealed on Memorial Day along with quotes from them to get to know them better. However, before we move on to the new round of islanders, let’s take a moment to see where the couples from series 9, which includes winners Kai and Sanam, stand based on recent updates we’ve received from them.

Kai & Sanam — Together

Kai and Sanam are still happily together it seems as the two have been spotted at multiple red-carpet events like the Pride of Britain Awards. They also showed off their trips together, including one to Wales, which is additional proof of the status of their relationship. An engagement doesn’t seem to be on the horizon anytime soon as Kai and Sanam have both denied proposal rumors. Despite this, Kai has admitted that he’d love to propose to Sanam one day though.

Ron & Lana — Together

Ron and Lana are also still together, and their relationship is going strong as a long-distance one. They’ve been splitting time between Ron’s home in Essex and Lana’s home in Manchester (a near-4-hour train or car ride apart). Ron and Lana have also enjoyed double dates with Kai and Sanam as well as shared videos to their TikTok accounts.

Tom & Samie — Split (But Maybe Back Together?)

Shortly after series 9 concluded, Tom and Samie announced that their relationship came to an end. In a message he posted on Instagram, Tom said, “I didn’t think I’d be writing this but me and Samie have gone our separate ways… We are still on good terms and I have nothing but love and respect for her. I’m gutted it’s come to an end but I truly wish Samie the best.”

That message came after a source told The Sun: “Samie and Tom have sadly decided to call it a day. There is a lot of love and respect there but it just wasn’t going anywhere. The distance between them was too much and they are both really focused on their careers post-Love Island.” However, the pair were recently seen partying together so maybe romance is in the air for them again.

Shaq & Tanya — Together

Shaq and Tanya, who certainly had their ups and downs over their Love Island UK season, are still going strong. You can catch them on TikTok having a great time together including one of them walking into the Pride of Britain Awards as “Mr. & Mrs. Unavailable,” a nod to Davido’s fan-favorite record from album Timeless.

Will & Jessie — Together

Will and Jessie are also still together. They’ve been spending time together on Will’s family farm which she moved to from Australia after series nine. Since their Love Island UK season, Will’s TikTok account has gone viral with clips of him tending and having fun with the animals on the farm. Jessie is now a regular on the account, but she does plan to return to Australia soon where Will will hopefully join her.

“I am looking to go back to Australia at the end of May because I think that’s when my visa is until,” she told her Instagram followers. “Will might be coming with me, which is really exciting, and then we’re going to look at what other types of visas I can have when I get back over here. I do see myself long-term in the UK, if Will doesn’t enjoy Australia too much.”

Casey & Rosie — Split

Casey and Rosie’s relationship after exiting the villa didn’t last too long as they two split up a week after the Love Island UK series 9 episode aired. it was revealed after a fan asked Casey on Instagram for an update on his and Rosie’s relationship. He replied, “Rosie and I have spoken… she’s such a great girl. Life outside the villa is just very different and we will remain friends moving forward!”

Maxwell & Olivia — Split

Maxwell and Olivia’s relationship has also come to an end. A representative for Olivia confirmed the break-up at the beginning of April. “Things weren’t the same between Olivia and Maxwell after they left the villa,” a statement given to read. “Life has been hectic and they both decided it was best to end things. Olivia is happy to focus on herself right now and has a lot of exciting work projects coming up, including a role in the next Fast & Furious movie. It’s sad it didn’t work out but there’s no hard feelings between them.”

‘Love Island’ series 10 premieres on the ITV2 channel on June 5th at 9pm GMT/4pm EST/1pm PST.