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Is Olivia Rodrigo Dropping New Music At The End Of June?

Olivia Rodrigo has fans buzzing after a mysterious new countdown appeared on both her newsletter and official website.

With 27 days to go, the time ends on June 30, prompting many to speculate that her lead single from her highly-anticipated second album will drop on that Friday.

She also recently shared a photo where fans can spot a calendar behind her. On it, none other than June 30 is highlighted with a heart around it. (We love a great easter egg.)

However, the new music theory is pure speculation and very well could be something else. Rodrigo still has added more monetum to the possibiltiy given it’s been two years since her last album and she’s shared song teasers on social media.

Despite the piano instrumental that could be heard and her continued collaboration with producer Dan Nigro, her sophomore album might be cheerier and an exploration of other sounds.

“I’m definitely not as sad as I was when I wrote Sour. I’m so excited to make my next record and explore more colors and textures and feelings and grow as a human being even more. I’m really stoked for that,” Rodrigo told Elle last year.

Check out some fan reactions below to Olivia Rodrigo’s possible new music drop.