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Lauren Boebert’s Ranting Wildly About Everything But Her Missed Vote On The Debt Ceiling But Some People Haven’t Forgotten

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s antics keep coming at a breakneck pace. Over the weekend, not only did we receive the unlikely news of Boebert in relation to a wrestler’s paternity test, but she chose to deviate from her usual trend of ignoring her own slip-ups. This unusual tactic happened on the subject of missing the debt ceiling vote after raging so hard against the legislation

Yet Boebert has somehow made the matter worse. She initially decided to change the subject by trolling Pride Month, but over the weekend, she decided to (falsely) claim that she skipped the vote as “a protest.”

She did so despite Axis reporter Juliegrace Brufke already outing her for scrambling up The Capitol steps too late to vote. And guess what? Video surfaced of Boebert running in heels up those steps, and CNN producer Morgan Rimmer posted it for all to see on Twitter. It’s worth watching again:

Did Boebert decide to circle back and own up to her lie? Nope. She’s never owned up to her “lipstick” oddness either, so we shouldn’t be too terribly surprised. This time, instead of fessing up, she decided to wildly tweet about seemingly everything else in an apparent attempt at distraction. Those subjects included not only “illegal aliens” and how “DC is an absolute cesspool, but also “there is no greater honor than representing Colorado’s 3rd District.” Then came a bizarre, confusing tweet about a “[b]ucket of goats.”

As one can imagine, people were all too happy to call her out for lying about the reason that she missed the debt ceiling vote. That video will probably haunt her forever, and Twitter users found several ways to drag her over it.

The week is young, so stay tuned for more rootin’ tootin’ madness.