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Ayo Edebiri, A True Comedic Martyr: ‘Maybe I’ll Get To Play Pete Davidson’s Girlfriend Or Whatever’

Making it in TV is hard, making it in comedy is even harder, and making it as a comedian on TV show as a young woman can be pretty impossible. There have been many hit comics over recent years who have crossed over to TV, like Tina Fey or Amy Poehler, but it’s hard to make the jump from “funny person” to TV star. Ayo Edebiri has been around for a while, both as an actor and writer lending her comedic talents to shows like Big Mouth and Dickinson, but she didn’t have that high of hopes when she began.

On the other hand, if you’re Pete Davidson, you can really just roll out of bed at 2 pm in sweatpants and show up with a Taco Bell breakfast sandwich to a stand-up gig and still kill it, or spend $200k on a ferry boat just for giggles. It’s the world we live in!

Before landing her role on The Bear, Edebiri was well aware that being a woman in comedy could cause her to be typecast. In a recent roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter, Edebiri explained, “I started in comedy, and so I think the box that I put myself in was, ‘Cool, I’ll be playing millennial assistants for another five years and then maybe I’ll get to play Pete Davidson’s girlfriend or whatever.’” She said, adding that she wouldn’t be opposed to playing the coveted role of Davidson’s new partner.

“Sorry, and I would be honored to, I would literally revel in the opportunity.” It’s unclear whether she meant this as an actual role or, you know, as being a future Pete girlfriend. Yet why wouldn’t she want to apply to the Davidson School of Love? To be among the likes of Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and Margaret Qualley…he has a strong alumni network.

Edebiri was obviously kidding about it all, but Natasha Lyonne told her not to put herself in a box for Petey. “Ayo, no! I mean, lovely guy, funny guy, but…” She trailed off, and we may never know her true feelings on Davidson…

Even though she has yet to play opposite Davidson, Edebiri clearly doesn’t need him to help her out. Her breakout role on The Bear has garnered a ton of attention, and she is starring in the highly-anticipated movies Bottoms and Theater Camp this summer. Pete Davidson would be lucky to have her on his team.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)