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Matty Healy Seemingly Addressed His Supposed Taylor Swift Breakup On Stage: ‘I’m Sure People Have Been Calling Me A C*nt’

In terms of public knowledge, Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s supposed relationship is something that only reportedly existed, as neither party explicitly confirmed they were an item. Whatever the case, it was reported earlier this week that the two are no longer seeing each other. Since then, Healy addressed the audience at a The 1975 concert and seemingly spoke about the situation.

It went down at the band’s show in Austria on June 5. Referring to a fan in the audience, Healy spoke about his current state, saying in a fan-captured video, “My friend had some very, very beautiful signs that said, ‘You are loved.’ That was very, very kind of you. I’m sure that it’s alluding to… as you’re aware, I’m not very online at the moment, and I’m sure people have just been calling me a c*nt relentlessly. I’ve not been online, but what I have been with is with my boys, and honestly, as much as I appreciate that — it’s so beautiful, and I thank you — but I don’t need it, because I’ve got them.”

Healy hasn’t officially said anything publicly about Swift, although he seemed to at another recent concert, saying, “Is it all a bit? Is it sincere? Will he ever address it? All of these questions and more will be ignored in the next hour. Ladies and gentlemen, this is The 1975.”