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A Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Press Dinner Was Sent Into Chaos By An Angry Climate Change Argument And, More Importantly, ‘Loud, Prolonged’ Farting

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been trying to be a chaos agent for the Democratic Party, attempting to peel away potential Biden voters with conspiracy theory nonsense that makes him sound more Republican. But on Tuesday, the chaos came to him by way of some “loud, prolonged” farting.

As per Page Six, a press dinner held on New York’s Upper East Side that was meant to boost RFK Jr.’s presidential campaign went sideways when two attendees got into a nasty screaming match over climate change (curiously one of the subjects about which Kennedy doesn’t hold a wacko opinion). After someone asked Kennedy a question about the issue, the night’s host, gossip-columnist-turned-flak Doug Dechert, who was “apparently drunk,” screamed at the top of his lungs, “The climate hoax!”

Dechert’s outburst enraged octogenarian art critic Anthony Haden-Guest, who Page Six claims “appeared to have been sleeping happily for most of the dinner.” Evidently awoken by the shouting, Haden-Guest “suddenly opened his eyes” and called Dechert, apparently a longtime pal, a “miserable slob.” He also told him to shut up.

Dechert did not, continuing to rail loudly against the climate change “scam.” All the while, Haden-Guest called him things like “f*cking insane” and “insignificant.”

Eventually Dechert happened upon a new tack: He let a big one rip, all while yelling “I’m farting!”

All the while Kennedy watched on with a “steady composure.”

Another attendee, which included tried to steer the conversation elsewhere, bringing up his assassinated father. But the subject then improbably returned to climate change, prompting still more yelling.

Reached for comment the next day, Dechert told Page Six, “I apologize for using my flatulence as a medium of public commentary in your presence.” He also asked them to refer to him as a “gallivanting boulevardier” or a “beer-fueled sex rocket.”

Perhaps this could be a scene in a future season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, whose creator and star, Larry David, is none-too-happy that his onscreen ex-wife’s real-life husband is running for president.

(Via Page Six)