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Don’t Worry, There’s A Good Reason Why Christopher Nolan Blows Up His Daughter In ‘Oppenheimer’

It’s every father’s dream: to blow up their child in a movie that comes out the same day as Barbie.

While she had time off from college, director Christopher Nolan‘s eldest daughter, Flora, joined him on the set of Oppenheimer. The highlight of the visit wasn’t meeting Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, or Albert Einstein, it was being cast in the movie as “a nameless young woman who appears to the title character in a hellish, conscience-pricking vision, in which the flesh is flayed from her face by a piercing white light,” according to the Telegraph.

Nolan explained that “we needed someone to do that small part of a somewhat experimental and spontaneous sequence, so it was wonderful to just have her sort of roll with it.” The director recognizes how detonating his daughter’s face sounds, but “I try not to analyze my own intentions,” he continued. “The point is that if you create the ultimate destructive power it will also destroy those who are near and dear to you. So I suppose this was my way of expressing that in what, to me, were the strongest possible terms.”

Men will literally explode their child instead of going to therapy.

(Via the Telegraph)