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‘You Are Exhausting, Matt Gaetz!’ A House Democrat Tore Into MAGA Lawmaker For Pushing An Anti-‘Wokeification’ Bill

A shouting match erupted on the House floor after a Democratic congressman grew tired of Matt Gaetz and his continued insistence on pushing “anti-woke” legislation. Gaetz, who’s no stranger to angering members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, has been backing an amendment to remove Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives from the U.S. Department of Defense. Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford wasn’t having it.

“Just this week, the sponsor of this amendment called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the military a, quote, “failed experiment,’” Horsford said. “He has called it ‘cancerous.’ Just this week a senator from Alabama stated that it was his opinion that White nationalists are not necessarily racist and refused to denounce white nationalists serving in the military.”

As Horsford grew more heated, he turned his frustration towards Gaetz and called the Florida congressman out by name on the House floor.

Via Mediaite:

“This amendment does nothing to address the recruitment shortfalls that our services are facing and instead it will only make it more difficult to recruit Americans from diverse backgrounds representing the true makeup of our nation,” Horsford continued, before shouting at Gaetz directly.

The congressman screamed, “What are you so afraid of? Why do you keep bringing these divisive issues to the body of this floor!? You are out of order! You are exhausting, Mr. Gaetz!”

In true Gaetz fashion, he chided Horsford for violating House decorum by addressing members instead of the chair before proving Horsford’s point by saying that neither the House or the military shouldn’t be letting “radical racial ideology” govern their discourse.

Gaetz’s remarks demonstrate why Horsford called him out specifically. Plus, it probably didn’t help that Gaetz recently backed the bill on Twitter where he railed against the “wokeification of our military.”

(Via Mediaite)