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Tomi Lahren Argues (Alas, Not Very Well) That Taylor Swift Is ‘Better Qualified’ To Handle The U.S. Economy Than Most Biden Staffers

The entertainment industry is in a bit of a pickle. There are dueling Hollywood strikes. Even Tom Cruise movies might be (slightly) underperforming. But you know who’s doing just fine? Taylor Swift. Not only is The Eras Tour is a goldmine, but right now she has four (4) albums in the Billboard Top 10. Taylor knows how to make money, so why not put her in charge of the economy, asked a noted far right crank.

As per Mediaite, Tomi Lahren went on Fox Business’ Varney & Co. Monday, where she and host Stuart Varney inevitably spoke about Taylor’s tour. Varney said it was doing so well that “the Federal Reserve is paying attention to it.” After all, her concerts, when they conclude, could wind up generating $4.6 billion for the economy. “Maybe the White House should consider hiring Taylor for the campaign,” joked Varney.

But Lahren wasn’t joking.

“She would be better qualified than a lot of the people currently working in the White House,” Lahren claimed, saying she thought “it would be a great idea.” She pointed out that it’s not just the shows that has people forking over dough. It’s hotels, plane tickets, money spent in the towns in which shows take place.

“So this is a big generator and we should maybe take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book here,” Lahren argued. “She’s got something that people wanna buy and I think that it’s doing great things for the economy. So I think everybody wins in this situation.”

Problem is, Taylor Swift is definitely not MAGA. “She definitely is on the left side of politics, that is for sure,” Lahren admitted. “But all of that aside, she is generating money for the economy and she’s doing it in a way that a lot of people are excited to go see. So again, if there is a spot open, I think in the White House, she could maybe solve a lot of problems there. I think she would do a lot better than some of the other pick.”

So Tomi Lahren thinks Taylor should be in the White House. But did she think any of this through? What kinds of advice would Taylor Swift give to the nation’s leading economists? Maybe she could tell them to… send her back on tour so she can singlehandedly save the economy? Or she could hatch up the brilliant idea that other absurdly popular musicians should hit the road. American taxpayers could even pay her salary, on top of what she already makes as one of the nation’s top musical acts.

Still, better Lahren saying Taylor Swift should hang out at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. than her spouting any of her other odd beliefs.

(Via Mediaite)