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Róisín Murphy Refuses To Compromise For A Man On Her New Single ‘You Knew’

Ahead of her upcoming album Hit Parade, Róisín Murphy has shared a new single called “You Knew.” On the hypnotic dance track, Murphy she reclaims her power after a broken heart, reminding the man in question that he knew exactly what he was getting into when he met her.

“What you expect me to toe the line for? / You knew exactly what you were buying / Don’t come the innocent boy / Admit that you’ve got your motives / You knew exactly what motivates me,” sings Murphy on the song’s chorus.

The song encapsulates the forms of love Murphy has experienced throughout her life, and how she refuses to compromise for the sake of someone else’s happiness

“‘You Knew’ is the story of my life,” said Murphy in a statement. “I’m an open book, I put myself on the line and I make my motivations obvious. Many times, I have bravely loved and not been loved in return, and I’m proud of that. That phrase, ‘You Knew,’ just sums it all up, in fact you could put it on my headstone, except I’ve already decided it’ll say… you had your chance!”

Listen to “You Knew” above.

Hit Parade is out 9/8 via Ninja Tune. Find more information here.