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Cancun Ted Cruz, Supreme Court Justice? A GOP Candidate Who Could Knock Out Meatball DeSantis Thinks So

This might sound hard to believe, but Ted Cruz was once best known for being incendiary in a way that doesn’t involve his ill-advised decision to flee to sunny Cancun during a deadly Texas ice storm. That tail-between-the-legs outing eclipsed most of Ted’s shenanigans, including the time that he hid in the bushes at the border and filmed himself.

Yes, Ted was once cringey without also being famous (and, as is the case lately, raging over the Barbie Movie). This came to light when he ran for president in 2016, through tidbits from his mid-1990s stint as a Supreme Court clerk for then-Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Ex-colleagues of Ted’s did speak to the New York Times about how Ted used to irk them during basketball breaks by shouting “my bad!” while he “elbowed wildly.” This tidbit didn’t surprise at all, but could Ted one day be back and wearing those robes?

Such a reality is conceivable, according to GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who has apparently been raising mega campaign funds while Meatball Ron DeSantis is beginning to lose steam (and he didn’t have much to begin with) in the primary race. And if Vivek ends up being the GOP nominee (he’s already besting Mike Pence in polls) because Trump headed to prison (an actual possibility), then Supreme Court Justice Ted Cruz could be a thing.

Ramaswamy threw down that prophecy on Twitter, where he named his top picks for federal courts. Here’s why he likes Cancun Cruz:

Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator, Texas
– Fought for the Constitution and against left-radical court-packing.
– Champion of religious liberty who was the 2017 American Legion Religious Liberty Award winner.

So, prepare yourself for Ted Cruz, The Princess Bride lover and Barbie hater, having a shot at lording over one of the most powerful positions in the land. For a lifetime appointment. Eek.