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Harry Styles Juggles A Range Of Emotions In The Colorful, Circus-Themed Video For ‘Daylight’

Harry Styles is keeping is Harry’s House era going strong by dropping a new music video for “Daylight.” It starts off with Styles climbing down from a ladder and straight into a colorful circus. There are jugglers, and he becomes the target of a knife-thrower. He dances with clowns and twirls around as trapeze artists swing from ropes outside.

Then, as the beat changes, Styles has a sudden costume change as he is shot out of a cannon in a yellow feathery costume. He soars through the air like a bird above everyone else before eventually landing back on the ground to interact with more of the circus members during the second verse.

By the end of the video, he also braves heights once again to walk a tightrope in a skeleton onesie. (Phoebe Bridgers’ impact.)

A while back, fans had spotted the set that Styles was filming on and him working in the yellow bird costume — but are only finding out now what it was for. There was also speculation from the circus theme that Niall Horan would be involved (as his latest album is called The Show), but sadly One Direction reunion hopefuls have to wait another day.

This could technically be considered his second video for the song, as he made a low-budget visual with James Corden last year.

Check out Styles’ video for “Daylight” above.